v28.1.153 - November 2011

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v28.1.153 - November 2011

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Will now synchronise tour start date and track tour duration.


When cancelling / un-cancelling or modify the the date / duration of a tour, all changes are now reflected back into ph28.




t28 no longer errors when selecting a customer from the wait list.


Accommodation now fully tracks date / durations changes (NOTE: this will not deal with overnight's.  Only master accommodation records are altered).




Opening mail lists no longer attempt to auto create indexes with first order being empty.


Saving differenced mail list - error now fixed.  This was due to an internal indexing error.




Emergency contact details and Date of Birth can now be added to all passengers on any tour.  Previously this information could only be added when a passengers passport was required.


Rooms are now return to the tours accommodation stack correctly when cancelling a booking.


Fixed a bug where booking transfers didn't always update the tour reference in the Booking History tables.




T28 now supports a PDF Document Archive - PDF's are now  created for direct or batch confirmations and these can be reviewed from the Financial tab - of a booking using the internal PDF reader, by clicking the Reprint button.  PDF's integration was also a necessary precursor to the emailing of confirmations direct to clients.


Added feature to send emails from users own email address if one is supplied in users account.