v28.2.102 August 2012

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v28.2.102 August 2012



Fixed a bug within the email results that was informing you of an email send failure when it was actually sent.




Incorrect dates have been out put when overnight's where involved. This has now been recoded to that it user the correct dates.


Corrected a spelling mistake on the Cruise Requirement Tool tip




Letters to customers can now be printed from the waiting list - This will require the new WRLet_1 report.


Insurance Bordeaux no longer have the exclude provisional's feature as this is was causing a misunderstanding for cancellations.  Also insurance could only be declared on confirmed bookings.




D2T Trace exception handling will now properly close and exit the Sltan table.


Have now integrated Report Pro version 216 that now gives t28 enhanced pdf generation without the support of PDF995.


Re-enabled the report pro pdf generation of confirmation emails for the document archive and for emailing of confirmations.


Insurance methods have been re-worked to enable insurance options to work more effectively and to enable the removal / addition of insurance options on a booking.