V4.1.119 - June 2016

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V4.1.119 - June 2016

The look and feel of t3 has had a lot of attention for our version 4 update undergoing a refresh to the icon library and window layouts. We have tried to maintain a consistent theme across windows by positioning the popular actions and navigation tools in a logical location.


New Features

Batch booking payments. A single payment can be made against multiple bookings, either from the customer's mail list entry by clicking the Batch icon or from the Tools drop down menu in a booking and selecting 'Batch Booking Payment'.

A tour web page and tour itinerary can be opened from the tour finder by right-clicking on the selected tour.

A new external reference field is available for tour options. This can be used to store a flight booking number.

Flight arrival times are now available to be output to an ATOL certificate. (Report modification required.)

Customer options will now have an issued date stamped against them for reporting.

Documents from tour services and tour pack windows can now be emailed.

A lead passenger can be selected on a booking by right-clicking on the passenger and selecting 'Set As Lead Passenger'. Certain reports can then be altered to highlight this passenger.

The web areas section has been overhauled to allow a catalogue of web areas to be created in the Category section of Maintain. Selecting the web areas against a tour is now picking from a list rather than manually typing.

Mail list entries now have an optional qualified date. This is user defined and can be set to alert the user to re-qualify contact details at set intervals.

Additional check boxes have been added to the reserve process to distinguish between opting out of marketing email or direct email.

A country can now be selected from a list when adding customer addresses.

New features have been added to Voucher sales if using the new form from the File drop down menu and selecting 'Purchase vouchers'. Multiple vouchers can be purchased for different recipients and one payment processed.

Discounts have an added feature to allow promo codes to be setup against a range of tours and criteria.

Certain tour reports can now determine if they are being emailed or printed to allow a logo to be embedded. The report layouts will need customising to allow this.

Additional documents can be added to the Document Archive for tours and bookings. (Requires role-based security enabled)

Documents can be emailed directly from the Document Archive by right-clicking the desired file. (Requires role-based security enabled)

Booking reports can be seen from the tour report archive by using the tick-box and vice versa. (Requires role-based security enabled)



Improving the user experience

Pickup points are checked to see if they are in use before allowing deletion.

Passengers are now no longer allowed to be added to a booking if a final room list has been sent.

An insurance option is created on a booking if passengers  are removed from a tour with inclusive insurance.

Audit logs on a customer’s booking now show when a Letter to selected customer or Final Travel details have been printed or emailed.

To allow easier visibility of per passenger options, all zero stock options which are not already assigned to a booking will be hidden from the user on the booking passenger tab.

Options from the tour option maintenance window can now be duplicated by using the Copy button.

The AFD postcode button has been added to the Agents maintenance window giving postcode lookup functionality .

Option description fields have been increased to 50 characters.

The 'Cancelled Only' selection from the tour finder can now be switched on and off.

The customer history window has been enhanced to include Sundry sales.

The payment windows have been enhanced to clearly show the billing address.




Selecting all bookings on a tour using the Select All button has been fixed.

Issue with the dialogue box that asked if the user wanted to open the generated Excel has been fixed.

New code to check and stop tours from being created if both a seating plan is selected and the “Self Drive Tour” is selected.

A bug when right-clicking in the services tab of the tour finder causing t3 to crash has been fixed.

The consolidate feature of the mail list was previously timing out on large databases and has now been fixed.