V4.1.504 - November 2016

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V4.1.504 - November 2016

New Features

Audit trail - Additional traces have been added throughout t3 to capture more actions to further improve audits.

A new chrome based browser has been added to t3 which is faster, more secure and improves website compatibility.




Voucher title on the financial page was previously being truncated.

An internal error has been fixed which was logged every time the agent window was opened.

An occasional issue selecting multiple bookings has been fixed.

Changes to the customer title in a booking now correctly updates the mail list record.


Improving the user experience

The sundry section should now load quicker where a sundries have a large financial history.

The booking reference field on tour contract items has been increased to 20 characters

The add new enquiry's window has had a visual tidy up.

The home pickup zone has been altered so that home pickup scheme and zone maintenance are now on separate entries on a sub menu.

Changing the cancellation reason on booking cancellations now now longer changes the refund method if previously changed.

Improvements have been made to check-boxes  so are now more user friendly.