V4.1.705 - April 2017

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V4.1.705 - April 2017

New Features

Gift vouchers can now be sent to a batch print queue - Requires t3 security roles enabled.

The booking monitor has a new selector for company.

Agent Statements Excel export now output the tour reference, booking date, company and type of payment, either deposit or balance with the deposit amount.

A new printed report for tour availability is now available. Reports --> Tours, Tour Availability by Date




Refund of card charges through booking cancellations was not calculating correctly, this has now been fixed.

The sale rep field visible in the marketing window is now being populated correctly where applicable.

Booking transfers on shared tours incorrectly identify occupied seats as available has been fixed.

Being able to book on a closed return pickup point has been fixed.



Improving the user experience

The discount rate maintenance window has been enhanced with additional filters and searches. Promo codes can be enabled to be available to a direct t3 booking and all available discounts are visible, for each tour in the tour finder, through the promotions tab.

Further enhancements to the system audit trail. Audits can be grouped by type. (Requires enabling if desired.)

Custom groups of audits can be created. (Requires enabling as above)

Gift vouchers being redeemed on a booking will now change the booking status from provisional to confirmed.

The document archives for a tour and booking have been enhanced with filters for document types.

An additional filter has been added to the tour finder to filter by company.

A new column has been added to the tour finder to show the date a room list was sent.