V4.1.712 - August 2017

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V4.1.712 - August 2017

New Features

A new promo icon is now available within a tour to display all current discounts available.

A new prices tab has been added to the tour finder to display. This will show basic cost, minimum deposit and due date, travel insurance costs.

The date a balance was due will show on a booking if it is overdue.




Editing the stop duration and point date for pickups on routes has now been fixed.

Tour re-codes now check for other tours sharing it's resources and prevents the change until shares are dealt with.

Fixed an issue on transfers where multiple tours are sharing the seat plan.



Improving the user experience

The reprint confirmation button now utilises the document archive rather than old windows explorer picker.

When changing a customer mail list entry, the user can now choose to update any future bookings for this customer. This change is logged in the audit trail.

The pickup point date is now available to the confirmation report.