V4.1.860 - March 2018

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V4.1.860 - March 2018

New Features

GDPR - We have added processes within t3 to alert when a customer needs qualifying for data protection. t3 will store when and what preferences were modified.

GDPR multiple brands. If t3 uses multiple brands, we can now qualify customer preferences by brand.

Added No Phone contact to the customer preferences.

New tool to allow the user to re-time a route (simple single route scenario on a hub) by altering the first or last pickup time or the hub time. T3 will take the interval times from the old timing and apply the provided time




We have fixed pushing out return points when adding new points to routes

Fixes to users being unable to logon or by passing the logon process and having no access.

Fixes to the tour re-code function.

A bug adding bookings from the wait list has now been fixed.



Improving the user experience

Improved error logging for faster diagnosis

Itinerary text can now be output to Travel Documents

Pickup points are prevented from being removed if used as link points within the route

Improved the document archive, PDFs will now open within a t3 window to view.

Better searching in the discount rate maintenance window.