V4.1.877 - May 2018

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V4.1.877 - May 2018

New Features

GDPR support now includes multi-brand. One customer can have marketing preferences against each brand set up within t3.

Marketing preferences have been added to the wait list.

A discount copy feature has been added to allow an existing discount to be duplicated then edited.

A new system setting has been added to allow system administrators to define the default option type when creating a new tour option or adding adhoc to a booking.

Brochure enquiries allow a country to be selected in the address.

Custom procedures now have a search facility.

Each user can now hide custom procedures which they don't use.




A logon glitch has been fixed where a user could logon to t3 but without access to certain functions.

A bug adding customers to the wait list has been fixed.

Pickup points through routing, if used as a link point, can now not be moved onto the feeder route they are acting as the link point to.