v4.2.7 - 24th September 2013


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v4.2.7 - 24th September 2013


The URL structure for the /itinerary/xxx pages can be changed to /trips/.xxx for example.

Mobile phone numbers passed against bookings in t28\t3.

Removed hit counter reports in admin CMS area.

Flexible Search Finder settings screen now shows when items are only applicable for t3 only.

Flexible Search Results settings now allow for category 1, category 2, start date and end date pre-filtering

Flexible search results can receive a url parameter “maxp”, e.g: ?maxp=100, this would only show holidays where the price is less than £100.

Flexible search finder now allows for a maximum price.

Advanced Search 3 has been modified to allow the user to choose start/end dates on step 2 of the search process.

Modified the existing route sync system to allow up to 50 tours to be sync’d manually using new tour sync system in CMS.

Affiliate windows test mode tweaks.

Fixes to brochure request inserts that a small amount of t28 and t3 customers were seeing issues with.

Tweaks to tour sync process for room types.

Booking options and passenger options pages can now show an insurance link for insurance items.

Advanced Search 5 modified to accommodate a new dropdown list of room types.  When a user selects a room type the search results will be filtered to the capacity of the chosen room type.

Phone number validation on customer registration forms can now handle 10 number phone numbers.