v4.2.8 - 6th Jan 2014


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v4.2.8 - 6th Jan 2014


Fixed a rare issue with compulsory option selling.

A new flag now allows the booking process to open on the same screen without using a new pop up screen.

Password complexity requirements for new account registrations are now in place. Passwords have to be at least 6 characters long with at least 1 letter or number in.

Fixed a rare shared seatplan issue where incorrect seats are shown  - t3.

Extra tour analysis data is now inputted against the cash sheet for bookings in t28\t3

Slight modification to the Affiliate Window tracking system for live accounts.

Insurance type tour options are now added to the booking deposit total just like the standard insurance sales method.

Account registration changes to password complexity requirements for accounts passed from Door2Tour.

Modifications and fixes to Door2Tour bookings to work with their new website My Account\Google web stats feature.

Modifications to the WebRes WireCard payment system for t28\t3 payments to allow refunds from the desktop products (development work pending)