v4.2.1 -  Dec 2012


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v4.2.1 -  Dec 2012


Self-drive tours not writing to t3 tourmast table correctly

t2\t28 booking insert errors when hiding the booking option page in the booking process have been fixed

Added extra navigation support for JQUERY menu drop downs

Amended advanced search5 results sproc to show more precise tour results

Added cookie\region support to the itinerary viewer page pickups pop up box

Brochures  requests for t3 now write correctly to the UserID\brouchureid enquiry table

My account update address details error for t2\t28 is now fixed

Using apostrophises in the booking process could have caused booking errors, this is now fixed

Booking options not reading compulsory flag correctly fixed

Discount price in web price column incorrectly showing  promocodes discounts fixed

Re-ordering of tabs (using the + and – ) no longer errors, even though the re-ordering actually worked in the background in the admin CMS

Google ecommerce integration added

Fixed CMS showing page numbers instead of forward and back arrows on itinerary viewer page selector and itinerary picture thumbnail viewer in firefox

Seat availability\hotel rooms pre-checking modifications made on booking entry

Added a pre-availability check before funds are ring fenced in the booking insert process

Fixed t2\t28\t3 mail list client email address not being adding to existing mail list client entry if customer already exists

Fixed some advanced search results caching issues