v5.0.2- Sept/Oct 2015


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v5.0.2- Sept/Oct 2015


New features


  Voucher redemption is now possible within the booking process for t3 clients.

 Added Email Template creation feature, this (for now) allows creation of email template for basket confirmations


Other improvements

Added voucher codes to basket confirmation page


Using a / in the tabs page for a canonical link will now output the sites root as the canonical link


Tweaked the new ststyle itinerary page to always show the first tour ID in the tour highlight section


Fixed "dummy room" displaying on booking availability page for day trips


Added email validation to the older 2 stage booking process login when trying to register with an existing email address


Fixed credit agent input display in in the booking process. The pop up box asking for the Initials\Amount taken\ Ref now shows on the confirm page instead. The pop up box method was becoming increasingly unsupported with newer browsers.




Bug Fixes

Made some changes to fully allow t3 to use all 20 room types


Fixed various issues with blog management in the CMS


Fixed a rare 'country error' issue with account logins for some sites


Fixed card Start Date issue where "--" was passed instead of blank string. This was causing issue with Sage Pay transactions with the new booking process