v5.0.3/4- 15th Feb 2016


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v5.0.3/4- 15th Feb 2016


New features

  Support for the tour batch discount system in t3. This will ultimately replace the per tour t3 discount system

  Full support for images stored externally (Dropbox, Amazon S3 etc.)


Other improvements

Faster itinerary creation process and tidy ups to the CMS

When adding tours you can see if there are any problems with the tour settings for example 'Web On Sale'

Itinerary Items and Master Items can now have multiple images for each

SagePay 3DSecure settings are now set as per account rules, rather than being forced on

Faster and more flexible search results

Integration with the t3 batch discounting system

Improved handling of non 3dsecure card transactions for Sage Pay



Bug Fixes

Fixes to the t28 brochure type insert issue