v5.0.9 August 2017


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v5.0.9 August 2017


Fix to shared seat plan tours showing seats that could never be booked online.

Full country support now added in WebRes for (t3 only)

Fix to voucher purchase system that could have doubled up the voucher value under certain circumstances in t3

Ability to collect Next of Kin in the My account section (t3 only)

Fixed Blog image bug which could re-write the incorrect image URL in the HTML of the main blog post body

Fixed an issue with special requirements not being written into the booking in t28/t3

DOB can now be independently flagged to be captured against a t3 tour to be shown in the booking process. (t3 only) Note: there is no t3 tour setting for this just yet.

New functionality to show Featured Blogs is now available.