v28.1.153b - January 2012

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v28.1.153b - January 2012



Only FSA agents to be allowed to book insurance, otherwise insurance button, cert no, effective date and apply to all are disabled.


Card process system now checks for "Accept Failed" scenario and does not take payment if this returns true.




Added a new column to the Hotel Supplier Report (SUPPLIERH) to output the number of rooms sold PER INDIVIDUAL TOUR, as well as Accommodation stock figures. This allows a better sales representation for tours using shared accommodation.




Options can now be calculated based on their own individual commission rates instead of the default rates that are set up on the tour.




When replicate a tour, t28 will now longer mark this as guaranteed to operate if the original tour has this set.


Help.chm will now update from updates folder when a new version is available.


The ability to open t28 multiple times has been added in to the system configuration.  Please note that enabling this feature and having t28 open multiple times on a single workstation will also use multiple licences i.e. 3 open t28's on a single PC will use 3 user licences.


t28 now supports user branding so that you can sell your tours under various brands.  You can also limit a user to a particular set of brands so that they can only booking on tours under there specific brands.


Batch Confirmation


Batch confirmations now track Brand Codes so that you can batch print based on the tour branding.